Are you addicted to your phone?

I run my VA business via my Smartphone, Tablet and Laptop, using Dropbox, Emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I found that I was checking my devices practically 24/7.  My phone is always with me, even placing it on the bedside table at night time as an alarm.

I recently had to upgrade my mobile, as my previous one was starting to do weird and wonderful things.  It was really beginning to frustrate me, I was ready to through it out of the window.   So, like everyone else when you get a new toy!!  It is never put down!!

Is this something that you do?

After recently reading another blog I have started to switch my phone to silent at 6 p.m. every evening and recharge it, whilst I am recharging.  I have even bought an old fashioned “tick tock” alarm clock.

Can you regiment yourself to do the same?

How did we manage before all this modern technology?

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