Do you lead a busy life?

Do you lead a busy life?

Need an extra pair of hands?

You need a Virtual Assistant …..

Have you thought about staffing and how you would pay your staff part-time or full-time?  With a Virtual Assistant you only pay for the time used.  Therefore the benefits of working with Virtual Assistants can greatly outnumber the benefits of taking on staff.

You don’t have to provide office space or equipment, which would save you money from the start.  You don’t have to worry about salary payments, sickness, holiday and other benefits that a full-time member of staff would expect.  You would get the same professional commitment on an ADHoc basis.

So what could you expect from a Virtual Assistant:-

  • We provide professional, administrative, technical and creative assistance to our clients.
  • We save the logistical problem of providing office space.
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant reduces your costs, as a Virtual Assistant will only get paid for the time worked.
  • Hiring a Virtual Assistant will enable you to free up your time and give you more time to grow your business.

As business owners Virtual Assistants we see the bigger picture. We understand the challenges of running a business.

If you want to find out more about how a Virtual Assistant can help you free up your time to grow your business give me a call on 07548 728830 or email me at

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