Time Management

Time is a constant elusive element in our lives and with all the everyday hustle and bustle, it almost seems like a mystique concept.  We all covertly wish that we had an extra hour to sum up that project or meet that work deadline, but unfortunately if we only live with intentions then this perishable entity will only leave us in regret.  So in order to enrich our lives and increase our productivity then we have to be a bit more vigilant in tracking our activities to ensure that our time is well-utilized.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Prioritize

Lay out a concrete plan for your entire day.  A “to-do list” would be an excellent way to start.  Get this done before anything else.  Measure the value of each task you have to do and organize the list starting with the most important and urgent projects.

  1. Avoid Time wasters

Social media, web browsing, and extended telephone conversations are potentially the biggest time wasters if abused.  They can grow in to addictive habits if not monitored resulting in a great loss of your valuable time.  The rule of the thumb here is, all things in moderation!

  1. Maximize on your productive times

If you’re a morning person then that probably implies that your energy levels will be slacking in the afternoon.  So make the most of it whilst you are most alert and invigorated and do the heavy tasks then and leave the ones that need the least of your mental energy for the afternoons.

  1. Avoid distractions

Research shows that the average employee loses 2 hours of work every day to office distractions, mostly colleagues stopping by for a chat or inquiries.  Minimize this by designating certain times in your day for these interactions.

  1. Make the most of your gap times

For instance, instead of spending an hour at work sending those numerous emails, you can make the most of your gap time, the period you spend commuting in your car or subway ride to send them.  That and other similar tasks that don’t require you to necessarily be in the office.


Time is actually in your hands, you just need to learn how to be the master of it. Learn how to maximize on it you’ll become a more productive and ultimately more in harmony with the other areas of your life.

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